Exploring the Benefits of Multi-Surface Coatings.

Exploring the Benefits of Multi-Surface Coatings.

1. Universal Protection:
Industrial environments are diverse landscapes, encompassing a multitude of surfaces and materials.

Each substrate presents unique challenges in terms of protection and maintenance. Multi-surface coatings provide universal protection, adhering to various materials and offering consistent coverage across the board.

This versatility eliminates the need for multiple coatings, streamlining maintenance processes. A real-world example could be a piece of construction equipment which includes a mixture of substrates – rather than applying different coatings to excavators etc, Guard MSP-2K can be used on any plastic, metal and glass that may need recoating on the same piece of equipment. 

Universal Protection

2. Enhanced Durability:
In the face of harsh environmental conditions and operational demands, durability is non-negotiable. Many multi-surface industrial coatings, particularly the two-pack versions excel in this regard, providing excellent resistance against corrosion, abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure. 

Whether applied to steel structures in marine environments or even more difficult mixed substrate surfaces such as wood and plastic, these coatings provide 
long-lasting protection, ensuring prolonged asset lifespan and minimal downtime due to maintenance. 

With the challenges that products such as Guard MSP-2K, Rust-Oleum Combi-Color Multi Surface and Zinsser Allcoat are designed to solve is so vast – the chemistry behind these products means that they may turn out more hard-wearing than your ‘average’ coating.

Multi Coating Benefits

3. Cost-Effectiveness:
With industrial coatings, we must often think about the costs associated with a job. Multi-surface industrial coatings offer cost-effectiveness by reducing surface preparation and then extending the lifespan of assets and reducing the frequency of maintenance.  As mentioned previously, the need for multiple coating systems to combat different substrates is often eliminated, which in turn can potentially save you time and money.

By mitigating corrosion, preventing surface degradation, and enhancing operational efficiency, these coatings deliver long-term savings in repair and replacement costs, as well as productivity gains through minimal downtime due to reduced maintenance leading to less interrupted operations. 

Cost Effective

4. Streamlined Maintenance:
Following on from the previous benefits, streamlining your maintenance processes will aid with your cash flow too.

Efficient maintenance practices are essential for maximizing operational uptime and minimizing disruptions.

Products such as Guard MSP-2K which is available in matt, satin, semi-gloss and gloss can simplify processes by being applied to multiple substrates where surface preparation may be difficult – adhering to almost anything. If a machine you may be maintaining consists of many substrates (as an example), maintaining it with just one product remains a wise choice in an effort to reduce cost, minimise labour and keep downtime…down!

Depending on the level of protection required, all of Guard MSP-2K, Zinsser Allcoat, Barpimo Multilak, Rust-Oleum Combi-Color Multi Surface are one-coats meaning the need for both a primer and a topcoat are eliminated, with these being classed as both. This means either a single coat is sufficient, or overcoating with the product itself for simplicity is completely fine.

Streamline Maintenance

5. Environmental Responsibility:
In today’s era of environmental consciousness, sustainable solutions are imperative for industries seeking to minimize their ecological footprint.

Many multi-surface industrial coatings are formulated with eco-friendly principles in mind, utilizing low-VOC (volatile organic compound) and solvent-free formulations.

By prioritizing environmental responsibility, industries can align their operations with sustainability goals. For a more ‘green’ multi-surface solution, look no further than Zinsser Allcoat WB – which as the name suggests, can coat almost ‘all surfaces’ and is a water-based product. Barpimo Multilak is another suitable product, being a water-based acrylic that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Environmental Responsibility

6. When You’re Just Not Sure.
Finally, if you’re unsure of which coating to use on a certain substrate or a combination of substrates, have one of our multi-surface products at hand, there’s a good chance that it’s going to do the job. We still advise you to contact one of our experts first as we’re on hand to help you.

Most of our multi-surface coatings also can be tinted to any colour you choose, giving them a degree of versatility and making them your ‘go-to coatings’ products.

Ask us about our key multi-surface products, we’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the correct multi-surface coating product for you.

Guard MSP-2K,
Zinsser Allcoat,
Barpimo Multilak,
Rust-Oleum Combi-Color Multi Surface

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