Natural Cement

As the world becomes increasingly environmentally aware, Natural Cement products are rapidly becoming the ‘go to brand’ for many sectors including: civil engineering, construction, railways, sea-defence, utilities and water etc.

Manufactured in the U.K with a strong range of products for multiple purposes; tanking, concrete repair, chemical resistance, rendering, floor-screeds, grouting and sprayed concrete.
There are no chemical additives involved in the manufacturing of their products which makes them some of the most environmentally friendly cementitious products available today.
The products are low carbon, chemically resistant, waterproof and have proven to be great time savers due to their rapid strength gain and curing times.
They are especially useful in wet and cold environments with a number of products that are Reg. 31 approved for potable water applications with only 30 minutes curing time.

Natural Cement products are very cost-effective too due to the fact that their products have no shelf life and can be used ‘when you want’ down to and even below 0⁰C. They require no grit blasting, steel primers or bonding and curing agents making them some of the most cost effective materials on the market today.
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