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Intumescent and Fire Retardant Paints and Coatings


Intumescent paints and coatings are basically a paint-like material which is inert at low temperatures – under 200 ◦C – but reacts with heat. As the temperature rises, during a fire event, the intumescent coating swells and forms a char layer that covers the steel. Created for structural steel and cast iron and are available with several different protection levels 30, 60, 90 and 120-minute fire protection.

Sometimes referred to as fire-proof, fire-resistant, fire-rated paint, the intumescent coating products listed on this page are available for interior and exterior use and come in a wide range of colours. Most of our intumescent paints can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Your intumescent enquiry is utterly bespoke and needs to be treated by us individually. We are therefore here to help and support you to calculate how much intumescent paint you will need for your project meeting the specification required by building regulations – how much protection can be obtained with the listed coatings. What the differences are between Class 0 and Class 1 fire protection and much more.

Important fire test standards when using intumescent coatings on structural steel constructions are European Union: EN 13381-8 (this replaces national Standards in Europe) and United Kingdom: BS 476-20/21 (Commonly referred to in EU, Middle and Far East).

Our market leading intumescent products include PPG, Jotun and International Paints – all being market and World leading manufacturers who have a proven track record in intumescent/fireproof/fire-retardant paints

If there however, is a product you have had specified or would prefer to use, please contact our technical/sales team on 01937 586311 when we will be very happy to support you.

With over 40 years of technical experience we are the industry qualified company to support you with these coatings – not just sell you them!
Being one of the U.K’s largest Intumescent paint suppliers we supply for projects both large and small, including factories, warehouses hotels and homes.

We will supply a certificate of approval/conformity and along with full calculations and specifications for each steel beam, including dry and wet film thicknesses, for building control as long as you provide us with.


The length of time that protection is required in minutes (usually 30 minutes for domestic and 60, 90 or 120 minutes for commercial), and for each individual area: the number of beams, size, weight and type of beam, the length of, the sides exposed and their orientation.

It can be complicated but it doesn’t need to be, we will guide you through the process and this service is free of charge. We are here to ensure you meet the fire-regulation standards you need to achieve from the coatings we supply you.

Beware of other retailers simply selling intumescent coatings that are not supported by a full calculation and certification process specifically for your project – the products supplied may not comply with safety legislation and fire regulations! Talk to the professionals at Industrial Coatings Ltd. – certified and qualified to supply you with support products you need.

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