Colour Matching, Tinting and Colour Charts

Based on a lifetimes work in the paint industry we have several ways to provide you with the exact colour you require. Our colour matching technicians will quickly match most colours for you..

With twentyt three tinting machines across our multiple locations we can tint different products within a short lead time, giving you the exact colour you need for your job, when you need it.


Colour Charts

Please click the links to view our standard colour charts and available colour ranges. Bear in mind that a digital version of a colour is not necessarily the most accurate representation and will be affected by the monitor on which you are viewing the charts.

We are currently offering RAL, BS4800 and BS381C colours for our products available via online purchase, though we can still tint to many other colour ranges including Pantone. For additional colour ranges simply give us a call and we will be happy to help you.


Contact Us

For further details regarding colour matching, tinting and colour charts, or for free technical advice, a quote or product support, please contact us.