If you need paint and coatings you will also need quality cleaning products as well as degreasers. All of these products can be applied before painting jobs to ensure you have a clean surface to work on achieving the best results.

As well as standard cleaning solutions we also offer degreasers to ensure a thoroughly clean surface. Both our cleaning and degreasing products are the best that are available. We make sure that we offer you the products to make your project as easy and pain-free as possible.

If you are looking for high quality cleaners that will ensure a clean and sterile surface then make sure you take a look at our range of cleaners. Available for all surface types so that you are getting the best product possible for the type of work you are carrying out.

It is important to us that you have the product that is the most suitable for the work that you are carrying out. We therefore only supply the products that we have confidence in ourselves to make sure you get the perfect cleaning product.

Along with cleaners and degreasers, we also need to ensure that the environment you work in is clean and infection free too – we have a product for that too, our multi-purpose hydro-alcoholic sanitising solution for both objects and surfaces – Barpisol Care.

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