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Cebex 653

Cebex 653

Brand: Fosroc

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Thixotropic stabiliser for cement grouts

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Technical Information

A blend of water soluble, high molecular weight polymers, supplied as a white powder. Cebex 653 is designed for addition to cementitious grout mixes to enable them to be placed in moving water conditions without excessive washout of cement. Cebex 653 is a tunnel annulus grout admixture used to produce an instantaneous gelation and fast set behind tunnel linings.

Where To Use 

  •   Stabilisation of cement grouts for pumping into cavities or fissures subject to water flow
  • Tunnel annulus grouting in soft ground or rock
  •  Shaft grouting


  •  Enables cement grouts to be used in moving water conditions
  • Reduced wash-out saves cement
  • Early invert support gives increased productivity in tunnel ring lining
  • Can be used in marine environments in contact with sea water
  • Gives production flexibility derived from controlled grout thixotropy



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