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Cemcrete Primer

Cemcrete Primer

Brand: Sherwin Williams

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Single pack primer for Cemcrete SM and Cemcrete TX

Available in 4.7kg or 1000kg packages.

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Cemcrete Primer is a single pack copolymer emulsion designed as a primer for Cemcrete SM and Cemcrete TX and for porous substrates. It stabilises and seals substrates effectively promoting adhesion that will allow self-smoothing compounds to be applied directly. It can also be used as a dust proof coating when applied as a tight coat by squeegee, roller or spray, depending on texture and finish. The product can be applied to vertical substrates to consolidate concrete and cement and other surfaces such as rock where it can disable asbestos fibres and stop these becoming airborne. Once dry Cemcrete Primer produces a water and alkali resistant polymer layer which both bonds to and strengthens the surface.


  • Single pack. 
  • Easy to use and apply. 
  • Provides effective bonding agent to cementitious surfaces 
  • Can be used internal and externally 
  • Can be used as a dust sealer. 
  • Excellent adhesion


  • As a primer for Cemcrete SM and Cemcrete TX 
  • As a surface sealer and dust proofer 
  • Ideal for porous substrates such as concretes and sand/cement screeds


Absorbent porous surfaces such as concrete, brickwork, asbestos, woodwork and crumbling friable cementitious surfaces can be primed with a solution of Cemcrete Primer. Cemcrete Primer should be applied where there are good drying conditions and the ambient temperatures of the area and substrate should not be allowed to fall below 10oC throughout the application and the curing period. Where possible it is recommended that the application area is <75%RH, heated to a minimum temperature of 150C and time is allowed for the ambient and substrate temperature to stabilise prior to installation. On highly porous surfaces, or when used as a dust proofer, a very dilute (1:1 with water) wash may be applied to obtain maximum penetration Once dry this should then be followed by an application of the standard material (neat) to the surface to build the film thickness. Cemcrete Primer can be applied by brush, roller, squeegee or spray and worked well into the surface, at a rate of 7.23 m2 /kg and allowed to dry. Sound dense concretes should be dampened (with no free water) with a water spray. Open, highly porous substrates may require a second application to ensure the formation of a suitable surface film to provide a bond. Rates of coverage may vary substantially dependant on the surface preparation and finish of the concrete, rates given assumes a shot blasted surface with medium porosity. Once applied and dry it will not re-disperse in water. N.B. Cemcrete Primer is not suitable for non-porous surfaces. See Sherwin-Williams System Sheets for recommended floor systems.



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