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Fosroc Supercast SW20

Fosroc Supercast SW20

Brand: Fosroc

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An expandable water-stop product designed for sealing in-situ concrete construction joints.

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Fosroc Supercast SW20 is an expandable water-stop product designed for sealing in-situ concrete construction joints.


10mm x 20mm x 5M

Product Description;

Integral sealing for construction joints in concrete cast in-situ. Convenient and problem solving in situations where a conventional water-stop would require complex shuttering.

Typical uses include secant piled and diaphragm walled basements, pile caps and casting against old concrete. The Fosroc Super-cast SW range can provide simple solutions to detailing pipe entries, construction joints in the vertical plane and to kicker joints. They can be linked to Supercast PVC water-stops to give an effective combination of which maintain network continuity.


    • Easy to install by adhesive bonding, or by casting into joint faces
    • Supercast SW Adhesive can be applied to damp substrates
    • Solves detailing problems in conjunction with Supercast PVC waterstops
    • Swelling properties unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling
    • Tolerant of salts in concrete and groundwater
    • Sustains effective seal in wet conditions
    • Highly adaptable to accommodate complex joint shapes


Supercast SW20 is suitable for use in contact with potable water and a Water Regulations Advisory Scheme approved product.

For bulk prices, product options, technical information re. the complete Fosrcoc Supercast range please email or telephone.



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