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Epidek M339

Epidek M339

Brand: Sherwin Williams

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3-pack epoxy high build heavy duty anti-slip deck coating.

Available in two colours and 10 litres.

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Available in two colours and 10 Litres


 A 3-pack epoxy high build anti-slip deck coating


Designed for spray application using suitable equipment (see overleaf) as a high profi le anti-slip deck paint. May be applied directly to suitable sound deck coatings.



 Spray Recommended spray gun - Sagola 429/N Hopper Gun, with 6mm tip. Operating Pressure : 2.8kg/cm2 ( 40 psi ). Alternatively, air agitated pressure pot systems have been found to produce satisfactory application of M339. Operating Pressure ( pot ) : 0.35 - 0.70kg/cm2 ( 5-10 psi ) (tip) 3.85-4.55kg/cm2 ( 55-65 psi ). Tip Size 4-8mm- Consult Sherwin-Williams for further details. Due to the textured nature of this material it is recommended that application should be at the stated spread rate. The details of tip size and pressure are given as a guide only. Mixing Instructions Epidek M339 is supplied as three components, all packed in a 20 litre pail viz. 1 x 5 litre can containing 4.57 litres base. 1 x 2.5 litre can containing 2.5 litres additive. 10.79kg aggregate in a plastic bag. Remove all three components from 20 litre pail. Return base and additive to 20 litre pail and stir thoroughly. Continue stirring whilst gradually adding aggregate until a homogeneous mixture is obtained



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