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F21 Primer

F21 Primer

Brand: Barpimo

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General use primer for steel exposed to a mildly aggressive environment, indoor as well as outdoor.

Matt finish - Grey, Red, Black, White

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Technical Information

Anti-corrosion primer based on modified alkyd resin. A general use primer for steel exposed to a mildly aggressive environment, indoor as well as outdoor. Also available in a high solids version - F21 Primer HS

Application Process

Wash surface and remove oxides, grease, or powder residues. It is recommended to strip the surface in order to obtain best results.

Apply fine and uniform layers very evenly. Using airbrush gun and airless spray gun: adjust the viscosity with Thinner Guard Solvent A.

Advice before application:

Stir the paint in container well.


  • Fast drying
  •  Chromate-free.

Supporting Thinner


Product Features

 Colour Black, Grey, Red and White
Brilliance Matt
Specific Weight (KG/L) 1.40 ± 0,05
Weight of solid components (%) 68% ± 3
Volume of solid components (%) 48% ± 3
Theoretical return 12 m²/l. (40 microns layer)
Storage and stability in container 9 months in the original, unopened packaging. Store in a cool dry
place away from frost. Temperature range: 5-40ºC
COV 430-450 g/L. (According to the colour)



See General Conditions.
Check Appendix on Definitions to obtain further details on the different aspects of the data sheet, as well as general usage tips. Temperature must be above 10 °C during the product's application and drying. Similarly, paint temperature should be above the minimum set threshold. It is therefore important to guarantee proper ventilation during its use on closed surfaces and subsequent polymerisation. Do not keep containers open or partly used. For mildly aggressive environments: As for standard toxicology, check SAFETY DATA SHEET. Ensure proper ventilation when painting. Shake container before use.



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