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FasTop Multi Terrazzo

FasTop Multi Terrazzo

Brand: Sherwin Williams

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Four-pack polyurethane cement decorative terrazzo screed.

Available in multiple colours as 26.1kg package

This product is for professional use only. As of 2023, adequate training is essential before use. Please visit: learn more.

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FasTop Multi Terrazzo is a heavy-duty decorative terrazzo effect polyurethane cement floor screed that has excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. It provides a dense, impervious flooring solution that is resistant to abrasion and impact.


  • Decorative Finish 
  • Chemically resistant 
  • Hard wearing
  •  Campden BRI tested


  • A wide range of industrial applications such as: 
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical plant processing 
  • Public areas where a decorative finish is required


Mixing: Add the FasTop Multi Base Part A pouch and then the FasTop Multi Colour Pack pouch contents into a mixing bucket, mix thoroughly for one minute then add the FasTop Multi Hardener Part B pouch and add the FasTop Terrazzo aggregate component steadily, until a homogeneous mix of the four components is achieved. FasTop Multi Terrazzo should be applied immediately after mixing to prepared areas.

Application: Apply immediately to prepared areas. When priming a surface this should be tack free and FasTop Multi Terrazzo should be applied at the required rate as soon after mixing as possible. Level between battens as necessary with a steel float. The surface should be protected from temperatures of less than 10ºC and moisture in the early stages of cure and should be allowed to cure typically for a minimum 48-72 hours at 20ºC before grinding can commence. The FasTop Multi Terrazzo should have an initial dry rough grind using 50–100 metal bonded diamonds, on a 3 headed planetary grinder. This is typically a dry grind removing 0.5–2 mm off the screed surface to expose the coloured decorative aggregate. This is followed by successive finer cuts to remove cutting marks and scratches typically using 200# grit to 400# grit diamonds. Care must be taken to use appropriate equipment to achieve the necessary finish and then the floor should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed prior to the grout coat being applied. Repeat rough grinding and the grout coat steps if a high number of large voids still exist. After the grinding process FasTop Multi Terrazzo is grouted with Resuflor GC and sealed with Resupen WB Clear or can be further polished. See Sherwin-Williams FasTop Terrazzo System Guide for recommended floor systems. FasTop Multi Terrazzo may be applied to substrates with a surface temperature in the range of 5-20°C and a relative humidity of 40% - 90% RH, with a minimum air temperature of 8°C and no condensation. Do not pre-warm this product as working times will be substantially reduced if materials are warm. NB: Cure times are extended at low temperatures



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