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FasTop Multi TG69

FasTop Multi TG69

Brand: Sherwin Williams

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Four pack polyurethane cement floor screed.

Available as 30.1kg packs

Available in bright yellow

This product is for professional use only. As of 2023, adequate training is essential before use. Please visit: learn more.

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FasTop Multi TG69 is a heavy duty polyurethane cement floor screed that has excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and temperatures up to 120°C and down to -40°C. FasTop Multi TG69 provides a light anti-slip surface that is suitable for use in a variety of wet and dry environments. It provides a dense, impervious flooring solution that is resistant to abrasion and heavy impacts. The properties of FasTop Multi TG69 make it ideal for applications in the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to provide a durable, long lasting floor. The product incorporates an antimicrobial agent to minimise microbial growth on the floor


  • High chemical resistance 
  • Resistant to hot water and steam 
  • Self-sealing 
  • Extremely hard wearing 
  • Excellent slip resistant finish 
  • Matt finish 
  • Campden BRI Tested 
  • HACCP certified


  • A wide range of industrial applications such as: 
  • Food manufacture and processing 
  • Brewing and beverage 
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical plant processing 
  • Heavy duty plant and traffic areas 
  • Dairies 
  • Commercial kitchens 
  • Abattoirs and meat processing


Mixing: Add the FasTop Multi Part A component (base) and the FasTop Multi Part D (color package) to a suitable mixing vessel and mix for 1 - 2 minutes using a low-speed electric mixer or forced action mixer until homogeneous. Add the FasTop Multi Part B (hardener) component and mix again for 1 - 2 minutes until homogeneous. Add Part C (aggregate) steadily into the mixing vessel and mix for a minimum of 3 minutes until a uniform mixture is obtained. FasTop Multi TG69 should be applied immediately after mixing to prepared areas. Application When priming a surface this should be tack free and FasTop Multi TG69 should be applied at the required rate as soon after mixing as possible. Level between battens as necessary with a steel float, at the required thickness. Where ease of cleaning is very important alongside slip resistance, the final finish can be smoothed by back rolling with a loop roller. A single pass with the weight of the roller is usually sufficient. Delay can result in variation in surface finish, colour and add to application problems. FasTop Multi TG69 may be applied to substrates with a surface temperature in the range of 5-20°C and a relative humidity of 40% to 90% RH, with a minimum air temperature of 8°C and no condensation. Do not pre-warm this product as working times will be substantially reduced if materials are warm. NB: Cure times are extended at low temperatures. See Sherwin-Williams FasTop TG69 System Guide for recommended



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