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Fastop TG ESD

Fastop TG ESD

Brand: Sherwin Williams

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Polyurethane cement static dissipative floor screed system.

Available in 30kg packs

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FasTop™ TG ESD is a static-dissipative polyurethane cement flooring screed system which is laid at 6 to 9 mm nominal thickness.


Static dissipative seamless matt finish 

High chemical resistance 

Hard wearing 

Slip resistant finish


  • A wide range of industrial applications such as:
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical plants
  • Electrical industrial areas 
  • Food manufacturing areas 
  • Oil & gas facilities 
  • Industrial workshops


Prior to mixing, the temperature of the four components must be between 15 and 25°C. Pre-mix the coloured base component before use. Add the FasTop™ TG ESD base to the mixing vessel then add the hardener component and mix using a low speed electric mixer (300 to 400 rpm) for approximately 30 seconds until homogeneous. Add the powder aggregate whilst mixing followed by the conductive aggregate, mixing for approximately 3 minutes until homogeneous scraping the sides of the mixing vessel until a uniform, lump-free mix is obtained. Apply to pre-primed areas and level between battens as necessary with a steel float. Where ease of cleaning is very important rather than slip resistance, the final finish can be smoothed by back rolling with a short nap roller. A single pass with the weight of the roller is usually sufficient.



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