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Flamex One

Flamex One

Brand: Fosroc

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Fire rated, one-component, acrylic joint sealant for low movement interior applications

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Technical information

Flamex One is a fire rated, non-slump, waterborne, acrylic joint sealant which dries quickly forming a flexible seal having good adhesion to most common building materials. It has very good application and finishing characteristics and forms a smooth skin quickly. Flamex One is flexible and will accommodate up to ±10% of structural movement between building components such as precast and insitu walls and ceilings. Flamex One is intended for use in relatively low movement interior joints, and is not suitable for use in water ponded or submerged applications.

Where to use

Sealing low movement interior joints requiring fire resistance up to 4 hours in:

  •  “Tilt up” construction
  •  High and low rise construction
  •  Precast and insitu concrete


  •  Economical waterborne formulation
  •  Easy to apply and finish
  •  Quick drying
  •  Permanently flexible and paintable
  •  Slump resistant -suitable for wide joints
  •  Up to 4 hour fire resistance



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