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Fosroc Cure B

Fosroc Cure B

Brand: Fosroc

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Water based high efficiency (90%) curing
membrane for concrete

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Technical information

Fosroc Cure B is a spray on temporary membrane to retain moisture in freshly placed concrete. Fosroc Cure B is formulated to prevent evaporation of the gauging water and provides an efficient method for curing concrete. Gives reduced shrinkage and cracking and creates a more durable, hard wearing surface.

Where To Use

  • As a spray applied membrane to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing.
  •  Suitable for all general concreting applications and of particular benefit for large area concrete surfaces, such as airport runways, roads and bridgeworks.


  •  Improved curing of concrete enhances cement hydration and provides a more durable, higher strength concrete
  •  Controls moisture loss to improve surface quality, reduce permeability and minimize potential for surface cracking and shrinkage
  •  Creates a hard wearing, dust-free surface
  •  Spray application reduces labour costs and eliminates the need for alternative curing systems
  •  Dustproofs
  •  Water based, non-toxic and non-flammable
  •  No need for damp hessian or polythene.
  •  Fosroc Cure B degrades naturally over time so there is no need to remove manually



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