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Fosroc Mulseal DP

Fosroc Mulseal DP

Brand: Fosroc

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Bitumen / rubber latex damp proofing emulsion

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Technical Information

Mulseal DP single part bitumen latex emulsion is applied by brush or squeegee. The incorporation of rubber latex imparts elasticity to the dried coating. Mulseal DP is suitable for use on most building materials such as concrete, brickwork, metals and stone. It is easily applied and may be used on damp surfaces, provided that no free water is present. It can also be applied to “green” concrete immediately shuttering has been struck. Where it is used as a sandwich membrane in floors, Mulseal DP should have continuity with the damp courses.

Where To Use

Mulseal DP is a bitumen rubber / latex compound designed for use in damp proofing applications. Mulseal DP is suitable for uses such as a damp proof membrane to retaining walls, as a vapour barrier to panels and repairing fine cracks in asphalt surfaces.


  •  Excellent adhesion to most common building materials
  •  Low water vapour permeability
  •  Can be applied to “green” concrete
  •  Resistant to sulphates and ground salts
  •  Dries to a flexible film
  •  Simple to apply by brush



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