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Fosroc Nitobond SBR

Fosroc Nitobond SBR

Brand: Fosroc

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Polymer bonding aid and mortar additive

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Technical Information

Nitobond SBR is a modified styrene butadiene rubber emulsion which is supplied as a ready to use white liquid. It is designed to improve the qualities of site-batched cementitious mortars and slurries. Being resistant to hydrolysis, it is ideal for internal and external applications in conjunction with cement.

Where To Use

For improving and bonding concrete repair mortars, floor toppings and screeds, waterproof renders and cementitious slurries. Mortars and bonding slurries produced with Nitobond SBR may be used for horizontal, vertical and overhead repair work and are suitable for permanent immersion. Nitobond SBR may be used to form a bonding agent for slip bricks, ceramic tiles, etc.


 Single component liquid can be easily gauged as required

  •  Improves cohesion and workability
  •  Improves mortars to provide waterproof repairs, renders and toppings which are highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling
  •  Improved tensile and flexural properties allow thin applications
  •  Excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stonework, plaster and blockwork
  •  Contains no chloride admixtures
  •  Can be applied to damp substrates

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