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Fosroc Nitodek FS Wearcoat Filler

Fosroc Nitodek FS Wearcoat Filler

Brand: Fosroc

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A three component flexible resinous wearcoat
for Nitodek FS systems

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Technical Information

Nitodek FS Wearcoat is a three component product comprising resin, filler and hardener. It cures rapidly to give high impact resistance and low-temperature flexibility.

Where to use

The Nitodek FS system is a hybrid fast curing trafficable waterproofing system that combines MMA Technology with polyurethanes to produce a slip resistant solution that is both hard wearing and flexible suitable for balconies, car park decks, ramps and turning circles. Bespoke systems can be produced from the suite of system products to suit specific situations and performance requirements. Nitodek FS Wearcoat is a solvent free methacrylate resin that provides an impact resistant flexible wear resistant layer.


  •  Fast setting
  •  Outstanding impact resistance
  •  Good crack bridging properties
  •  Good low-temperature flexibility
  •  Seamless n Easy to apply
  •  Solvent free




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