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Fosroc Nitofill UR63

Fosroc Nitofill UR63

Brand: Fosroc

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Flexible foaming two part polyurethane injection resin

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Technical Information

Nitofill UR63 is a two part liquid polyurethane which reacts to form a tough, slightly flexible resin. Nitofill UR63 has good adhesion to concrete and masonry and when injected into cracks it allows some movement without loss of bond.

Where to use

For injecting into cracks in concrete or masonry in wet conditions to form a slightly elastic seal.


  •  Low viscosity - penetrates fine cracks and cavities
  •  Reacts with water and forms flexible closed cells that allow the movement of the crack
  •  Flexible to withstand differential movement
  •  Free expansion: 800%
  •  Chemically resistant against water, weak acids, alkali and micro-organisms
  •  Excellent adhesion to mineral construction materials (such as concrete, cement, brick and mortar) and metal
  •  Reaction speed is controlled by varying the amount of hardener. Use 6-9% hardener to achieve a good cell structure.



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