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Fosroc Nitofill WS60

Fosroc Nitofill WS60

Brand: Fosroc

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Rigid foaming two part polyurethane injection

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Technical information

Nitofill WS60 is a two part liquid; it reacts when mixed with water to form a rigid, polyurethane foam barrier. Because of the low viscosity and the expansion during polymerisation the resin will penetrate deep into the crack.#

Where to use

Stops the flow of water when injected into cracks in concrete in the presence of water. Nitofill WS60 provides an effective system for sealing static cracks in wet conditions.


  • Seals against water: reacts and produces foam resistant to water
  •  Penetrates deep in fine cracks
  •  Reacts with water and swells exerting pressure on the substrate sealing against water penetration
  •  Free expansion: 1700% - 2200 % n Does not shrink after curing
  •  Excellent adhesion to mineral construction materials (such as concrete, cement and brick and metal)
  •  The reaction speed can be controlled by varying the amount of hardener
  •  Nitofill WS60 foam is chemically resistant against water, weak acids, and alkali, mineral oils, fungus and bacteria, ground water, sea water and petroleum products.



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