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Fosroc Nitoflor RT6000 Us

Fosroc Nitoflor RT6000 Us

Brand: Fosroc

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Resin rich, trowel applied heavy duty
polyurethane floor screed

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Technical Information

Fosroc Nitoflor RT6000 US is a heavy duty, trowel applied polyurethane floor screed. It is a three component product (base, hardener and filler) available in a range of standard colours. Laid at 6-9mm it provides the highest order of impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. It has a seamless, matt surface with a light, slip resistant texture. Nitoflor RT6000 US contains a white aggregate which imparts a slip resistant profile to the finished floor. When first installed, the floor has a uniform coloured surface. However, with general use, the white aggregate will begin to show through giving a decorative, mottled appearance.

Where To Use

Nitoflor RT6000 US is designed for use in a wide range of heavy to very heavy duty industrial environments where a lasting solution to floor maintenance is required. The matt surface is lightly textured, the product dense, impervious, coloured and chemically resistant (see below). This makes it ideal for both wet and dry processing environments, such as the food, beverage and chemical industries, heavy engineering plants, oil refineries, electricity stations and battery rooms.


  • Stable to steam cleaning and hot water exposure at a thickness of 9mm
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Suitable for cold storage and freezer rooms
  • Water-based and non-tainting
  • Seamless
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Slip resistant



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