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Fosroc Nitomortar S

Fosroc Nitomortar S

Brand: Fosroc

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High strength, abrasion-resistant epoxy
reinstatement mortar

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Technical Information

Nitomortar S is based on a high quality solvent-free epoxy resin system. The special silica aggregates provide high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Nitomortar S is a three-component material supplied in pre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use.

Where To Use

For the fast and permanent reinstatement of concrete, particularly where high strength, abrasion-resistance and resistance to chemicals is required. The product is designed for horizontal use but can be applied vertically, although generally in thinner sections. It is ideally suited for acid tanks, sea walls, industrial floors and for use as a bedding mortar. Nitomortar S can be used for emergency repairs where fast strength gain is important. When properly compacted, the mortar is highly impermeable. In certain instances, Nitomortar S can be used on metal substrates. Contact the local Fosroc office for advice in this respect. For fast repairs in vertical and overhead locations where a higher-build, lightweight formulation is required, the use of Nitomortar HB is recommended.


  •  High ultimate strength — suitable for structural use
  •  Early development of strength minimises disruption
  •  Abrasion-resistance — suitable for heavily trafficked areas
  •  Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  •  Cured product is highly impermeable to water when ‘tight trowel’ finished
  •  Typically twice as strong as good quality concrete
  •  Pre-weighed components ensure consistency



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