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Fosroc Nitoprime PA-FS

Fosroc Nitoprime PA-FS

Brand: Fosroc

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Fast cure, low odour, polyaspartic based
floor coating for indoor environments,
balconies and walkways

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Technical Information

Nitoflor PAFS (System 1) is a two / three coat application comprising of:

  •  Nitoflor PAFS Primer
  •  Nitoflor PAFS Topcoat, with option of second topcoat in more heavily trafficked areas
  •  Anti-slip grains should be scattered on either the primer or the first of two topcoats

Where To Use

For the rapid and permanent coating of internal and external floors, balconies, and walkways. Low odour for both internal and external use. Designed for fast application where downtime must be kept to a minimum. Provides a trafficable, waterproof, and durable surface on concrete and cementitious substrates. Nitoflor PAFS forms part of Fosroc’s Rapid Return to Service (RR2S) offer.


  •  Low odour
  •  User friendly environment during application
  •  Rapid return to service in 2 hours
  •  Easy to apply by squeegee, brush, or roller
  •  Flexible
  •  Low temperature cure
  •  Can be used with coloured flakes and quartz



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