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Fosroc Nitoseal MS60

Fosroc Nitoseal MS60

Brand: Fosroc

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One part, general purpose building sealant

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Technical Information

Nitoseal MS60 is a one part, low modulus sealant based on hybrid silyl modified polyether (“MS”) technology.

Where To Use

Nitoseal MS60 is suitable for sealing joints in concrete, sealant is not exceeded. For joint widths exceeding 35mm, please contact your local Fosroc Technical Service Department. Properties brickwork, blockwork, perimeter sealing around doors and windows, and non-trafficked floor joints.


  •  Adhesion to most common building materials
  •  Single component with fast rate of cure
  •  Easy to apply
  •  Can be applied to damp substrates
  •  Primer-less for most applications (see “Priming”)
  •  UV resistant and colour stable
  •  Performs as an acoustic sealant
  •  Available in a range of colours
  •  Environmentally friendly



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