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Fosroc Nitoseal PU12

Fosroc Nitoseal PU12

Brand: Fosroc

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Biodegradation resistant sealant

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Technical Information

Nitoseal PU12 is a two-part, elastomeric joint sealant based on polyurethane technology. It is supplied in packs containing base compound and curing agent in the correct proportions which, when mixed, cure to form a tough rubber-like material. Adhesion to most commonly used construction materials is excellent. The use of Fosroc Primer 7 is essential to ensure proper adhesion on porous surfaces. In special circumstances, such as sealing sea defence works in tidal areas, a special Nitoseal PU12 accelerator component is available, to be added when mixing to enhance the initial cure rate, so that work can be completed between tides. At 10°C the seal can be subjected to tidal immersion approximately 60 minutes after application, without adverse effect.

Where To Use

Nitoseal PU12 is a two-part sealant designed to meet many of the requirements of the water industry in water retaining structures, sewage treatment and sea defence works. It is resistant to the bacteriological conditions associated with sewage treatment and silt accumulations in water storage. The abrasion resistance of Nitoseal PU12 makes it also appropriate for use for sealing movement joints in concrete sea walls subject to tidal scour.


  •  Resistant to aerobic and anaerobic bacteriological attack
  •  Excellent adhesion under immersed conditions
  •  Abrasion resistant
  •  Separate component for accelerating the initial cure



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