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Fosroc Proofex 3000

Fosroc Proofex 3000

Brand: Fosroc

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High performance waterproofing and radon
barrier membrane for basements and below
ground structures

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Technical Information

Proofex 3000 is a cold applied, flexible, waterproof, high performance Type A waterproofing barrier membrane, as defined in BS8102:2009, ‘Protection Of Structures Against Water From The Ground’. It incorporates a cross laminated HDPE carrier film with a polymer modified bitumen compound. For situations where ground gas protection is required refer to Proofex 3000MR data sheet for further information.

Where To Use

A high performance self adhesive membrane for a range of waterproofing and radon barrier applications including basements and substructures. Proofex 3000 provides a vapour, radon and waterproof membrane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts.


  •  Cross-laminated HDPE film for protection against damage
  •  Dimensionally stable
  •  Combines toughness with flexibility for detailing around corners
  •  Self adhesive layer system makes installation quick, simple and reliable
  •  Resistant to ground water, soluble sulfates and chlorides
  •  Radon protection as defined by BRE report 211.

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