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Guard CZ

Guard CZ

Brand: Guard

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Guard CZ is a single pack zinc rich anticorrosive primer for the easy site repair of zinc primers and galvanising.

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Guard CZ is a single pack zinc rich anticorrosive primer for the easy site repair of zinc primers and galvanising.

    • Pack Size: 2.5 litres

    • Colour: Mid-grey

    • Gloss Level: Matt

Guard CZ


Product Uses

Very high zinc content (80% of metallic zinc by weight in dry film) for excellent cathodic anticorrosive protection. Easy application due to being single component and ideal for touch-up on zinc rich and zinc silicate primers, as well as aluminium and galvanised steelwork.

Features and Advantages

    • Can be brush applied over a hand-prepared surface, and being single pack, this makes site application much easier than with two pack materials

    • High zinc content for zinc-rich anticorrosive protection

Surface Preparation

If used as a primer, ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease and other contamination before coating. Thoroughly degrease and where applicable, abrade to remove rust and promote good adhesion of the coating. For optimum corrosion protection, mild steel should be blast cleaned to Sa2.5 or power tooled to achieve ST3. Complex structures may be more effectively cleaned by HPWJ (high pressure water jetting).

If used to spot prime or repair, ensure surface is suitably prepared by cleaning and degreasing and then preparing the surface with a minimum of manual hand tools to promote adhesion.


This material is a one-component coating and should always be mixed thoroughly with an agitator before application. 


    • Brush: Yes - Reduced film thickness, may require two coats to achieve intended DFT
    • Roller: Not optimised
    • Conventional Spray: No
    • Airless Spray: Yes - Output fluid pressure at tip 2000-25000 psi minimum, tip size: 15-17 thou (0.38-0.43mm)
    • Air-Assisted Spray: No

For further information and guidance on application, please speak with our technical team



Not applicable.



Guard Solvent A

Once painting has been completed, clean all equipment with the above mentioned cleaning solvent. Spray equipment should be appropriately flushed through for 3-5 minutes (returning unused paint to the tin, unless thinned which should be stored in a separate tin) before replacing any used solvent with clean solvent to leave in the pump, gun and lines


When used as a primer Guard CZ is suitable to be overcoated with most single component products, such as Guard HBV or Guard SCF as OneCoat products.

If being used purely to spot prime onto a non-ferrous substrate, compatibility between the substrate and any subsequent coats must be checked (for example, standard alkyd coatings are not suitable for application direct onto galvanised steel, even though generically this type of product would be suitable as a topcoat onto the Guard CZ itself.

Storage and Shelf Life

    • Unopened tins should be stored in a cool dry place between the temperatures of 5° and 25°C – better storage conditions will likely extend the shelf-life of the material
    • Always stir thoroughly before re-use
    • Product has a shelf life of 12 months as standard from the date of manufacture
    • Once opened tins should have the lid fitted tightly when not in use
    • Please speak with us before using material which is past it’s standard shelf-life as certain materials may need re-certifying before use


    • To avoid the risk of spillage always store and transport in an upright secure position
    • Materials are hazardous and can also be flammable therefore appropriate precautionary measures must be taken including the use of gloves, glasses and recommended P.P.E in accordance with the material safety data sheets (MSDS)

Please refer to the Product Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for further details, or contact us for advice.


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