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Guard ELC - Elastomeric Roof and Cladding Coating

Guard ELC - Elastomeric Roof and Cladding Coating

Brand: Guard

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Guard ELC is a one component, water-based, anti-corrosion coating with unequalled corrosion protection. No primer required, fully tint-able.

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Guard ELC is a one-component, water-based, anti-corrosion coating with unequalled corrosion protection. No primer is required, fully tintable. 

Pack Size: 5kg, 20kg
Colour: All RAL colours available - fully tint-able
Large U.K. stock: available for quick delivery
Warranties Available: 10 years, 15 years and 20 years


Guard ELC - Elastomeric Roof and Cladding Coating


Product Description

A water-based, one-component anti-corrosion acrylic coating with 200% elastomeric properties providing excellent corrosion protection. 


  • Typical 200% elastic coating that doesn’t crack or peel
  • Dry fall product; means that the overspray turns to dust before hitting the ground
  • Primer and topcoat in one
  • U.V and impact-resistant
  • Typical 2-coat system
  • No mixing or induction time
  • Re-use leftover paint
  • Kinder to the environment over similar solvent-based coatings
  • Simply put the gun in water during breaks


This coating can be used as a primer and/or finishing coat on many substrates including roofing, cladding, steel, iron, special alloys, metallised iron and steel, galvanising, copper, lead, zinc aluminium and more. 

Surface Preparation

The substrate must be free of rust (norm St2 or Sa2), degreased, dry, and free of dust. A great cleaner designed and created to give you the best surface preparation is the RD-Eco Powerclean 


This material is a one-component coating and should always be mixed thoroughly with an agitator before application. 


Airless Spray: Yes - (Nozzle: 015-023, dilute with 3% water)
Air Spray (Conventional): No
Brush and Roller; Yes - though only small areas and touch-up

Guard ELC should be applied ideally using an airless spray – brush and roller can be used although please contact us for more advice on using it with these methods. Temperatures should be between 8°C and 55°C whilst the Guard ELC is being applied. After approximately 90 minutes the paint will be touch dry and suitable to re-coat after 24 hours.

For further information and guidance on the application, please speak with our technical team. 

Clean Up
Clean all tools thoroughly with clean water. 

Keep material in original containers and use within 12 months of delivery. Materials not used should be resealed. Store in a cool, dry place and at temperatures no lower than 10°C. 

Please view the product health & safety sheet for information in relation to hazardous identification, first aid measures, fire fighting, accidental release, handling, exposure control, P.P.E, disposal and regulatory information.

Please refer to the Product Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for further details, or contact us for advice. 

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For additional technical advice, a bespoke quote or product support, please contact us. Alternatively, please use our enquiry form and we will respond shortly.



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