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Guard RI

Guard RI

Brand: Guard

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Guard RI is a rust inhibitor based on special resins in aqueous medium and active substances, that converts rust to a neutral protective layer.

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Guard RI is a rust inhibitor based on special resins in aqueous medium and active substances, that converts rust to a neutral protective layer.

    • Pack Sizes: 500 ml, 1 litre

    • Colour: Ivory (on rusted surfaces, when dry turns black)

    • Appearance: Satin

Guard RI


Product Description

When applied in contact with rust will turn black from an original ivory colour and will form a coating ready to be painted over or left as is. It is a stable chemical complex which is creating a protective neutral layer that prevents rust from spreading further.


Recommended Uses

Guard RI is suitable for:

    • Rust removing mix on rusty iron and steel surfaces

    • Anti-corrosive treatment on iron and steel elements, pieces, structures

    • Small repairs and patches on machinery, household appliances, vehicles


Product Benefits

    • Easy to apply

    • Penetrates through all stratified rust layers

    • Reacts, stabilises, sets and converts rust to a neutral protective layer preventing rust from spreading

    • Forms a moisture-proof barrier

    • Enhances adherence of finishing coats

    • Touch-dry in 1 hour (depending on the thickness applied and atmospheric conditions)

    • Recoatable in 6 hours (topcoat of another product, 24 hours)



    • Brush: Yes, round brush

    • Roller: Yes

    • Conventional Spray: No

    • Airless Spray Gun: Yes

    • Air Assisted Airless Spray: No

Stir the contents of the pot well. Apply undiluted using round brush, airless spray gun or roller. Pour the required quantity into another container and do not return unused product to the original pot to avoid the possibility of contamination.

For further information and guidance on application, please contact us.


Drying and Curing Time

    • Touch Dry: 1 hour, depending on the thickness applied and atmospheric conditions

    • Hard Dry:

    • Full Cure:

    • Re-coatable: 6 hours (topcoat of another product, 24 hours)



    • Do not apply in temperatures below 10°C

    • Shake contents of containers before use

    • For toxicological standards, consult the Safety Data Sheet

    • Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location

    • Do not store opened or started containers

    • Apply with good air renewal

    • In outdoor use, as a water-based product, it is sensitive to the action of rain


Surface Preparation

Totally remove loose rust from the surface and dust, grease, oil, damp, old or deteriorated paint. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Guard RI and leave repainting time between coats. Apply minimum synthetic undercoat or Anti-Rust primer and finish with topcoat. Please contact us for compatible products.



It is recommended to have absorbent material available at close proximity to the product (see Safety Sheet subsection 6.3).

Absorb the spillage using sand or inert absorbent and move it to a safe place. Do not absorb in sawdust or other combustible absorbents. For any concern related to disposal consult section 13.


Safety Precautions

    • Do not eat or drink during the process, washing hands afterwards with suitable cleaning products

    • Avoid sources of heat, radiation, static electricity and contact with food. For additional information see Safety Sheet subsection 10.5

    • Product contains PBT/vPvB substances: Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane

    • Ensure appropriate PPE is worn - suitable gloves, goggles, skin protection etc. Contact us if you need advice

    • The product is not classified as hazardous according to CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

    • Chemical description: Mixture composed of additives, pigments and resins

    • Causes eye irritation

    • This product does not contain substances classified as hazardous for inhalation, however, in case of symptoms of intoxication remove the person affected from the exposure area and provide with fresh air. Seek medical attention if the symptoms get worse or persist.

    • The symptoms resulting from intoxication can appear after exposure, therefore, in case of doubt, seek medical attention for direct exposure to the chemical product or persistent discomfort, showing the Safety Data Sheet of this product.

    • In case of skin contact it is recommended to clean the affected area thoroughly with water and neutral soap. In case of changes to the skin (stinging, redness, rashes, blisters,...), seek medical advice with Safety data Sheet

    • In case of eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes. If the injured person uses contact lenses, these should be removed unless they are stuck to the eyes, in which case removal could cause further damage. In all cases, after cleaning, a doctor should be consulted as quickly as possible with the SDS for the product.

    • In case of ingestion/aspiration/consumption, seek immediate medical assistance showing the SDS for the product.

    • Product is non-flammable under normal conditions of storage, handling and use. In the case of combustion as a result of improper handling, storage or use preferably use polyvalent powder extinguishers (ABC powder), in accordance with the Regulation on fire protection systems. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to use full jet water as an extinguishing agent.

    • As a result of combustion or thermal decomposition reactive sub-products are created that can become highly toxic and, consequently, can present a serious health risk.

    • This product is not classified as hazardous to the environment, but keep product away from drains, surface and ground water.

This list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheets for full details regarding the safe use of this product. We also offer free technical advice – click here to contact us.


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