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Idrosilex Liquido

Idrosilex Liquido

Brand: Mapei

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Available as 6kg or 25kg bags

Bulk powder or liquid water-repellent for cementitious mortar

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Available as 6kg or 25kg bags


• Waterproofing concrete basements, cisterns, and canals, as well as concrete, brick, or stone walls exposed to atmospheric agents. Some application examples

• Waterproof screeds and renders in basements, garages and underground areas in general.

• Waterproof rendering for canals, swimming pools, etc.

• Waterproof rendering on building façades.

• Waterproofing of lift wells and underpasses.


Idrosilex is an admixture with a base of special waterproofing agents manufactured from a formula developed in the Mapei research laboratories. Idrosilex is available in both powder and liquid form. When mixed with cement, sand, and water, Idrosilex produces an extremely compact mortar that is easy to apply with a trowel or rendering machine even on vertical walls. Mortar prepared with Idrosilex has less capillary porosity than conventional cement mortars or lime and cement mortars. The combination of the product’s waterproofing properties with an effective rendering system applied in several layers prevents continuity between pores and ensures thorough waterproofing even in the presence of counter-pressure.


Mortar prepared with Idrosilex forms a rigid waterproofing system and is therefore not recommended for:

• replacing flexible waterproof membranes;

• waterproofing structures subject to severe deformation under stress that may cause cracks to form;

• waterproofing fresh concrete, or concrete still subject to plastic shrinkage



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