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UltraFloor Patch It

UltraFloor Patch It

Brand: Instarmac

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Rapid-drying, fast setting and hardening cementitious repair mortar for internal applications.

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Rapid-drying, fast setting and hardening cementitious repair mortar for internal applications.

    • Available in a 10kg unit.



UltraFloor Patch It

Rapid-Drying Repair Mortar

UltraFloor Patch IT is a rapid-drying, fast setting and hardening cementitious repair mortar for internal applications.

UltraFloor Patch It

Pack Size: 10 kg units.


Product Description

UltraFloor Patch IT is a rapid-drying, fast setting and hardening cementitious repair mortar for internal applications. Its slump free characteristics make it ideal for vertical and horizontal repairs. It is conveniently packaged in an outer plastic container to minimise potential damage in transit and also to maintain the reactivity rates of the cements once the bag is opened.

Patch IT’s slump-free characteristics make it ideal for repairing small cracks in walls and floors, concrete stair edges and for creating coves and ramps.


Damaged Concrete Step After Repair

Damaged Concrete Step After Repair

Damaged Concrete Step Before Repair

 Damaged Concrete Step Before Repair

    • Slump free

    • Rapid setting

    • Maintains profile

    • Smoother to trowel

    • Coverage: 3.2m² at 2mm

    • 1-20mm thickness

    • Open time: 10 minutes

    • Set time: 20 minutes

    • Suitable for internal floors


Product Uses

UltraFloor Patch IT is a highly versatile repair compound suitable for a wide variety of applications and its rapid curing profi le minimise delays in project times. It has exceptional slump resistant characteristics enabling it to be used for repairs in floors and small cracks in walls, as well as for creating coves and ramps and for repairs to concrete stair edges. UltraFloor Patch IT is the ideal product for overcoming unexpected problems on site such as damaged subfloors, spalled areas of screed, for the infill of areas around pipework, and also for making good damage caused by previous trades such as around windows and doors frames.

UltraFloor Patch IT is a high strength product suitable for use in domestic and commercial applications. When used in flooring situations UltraFloor Patch IT should be covered with an UltraFloor smoothing underlayment or must have a suitable floor covering applied. Any exposed areas should be primed after curing with UltraFloor Prime IT Multi-surface Primer. Its protein free formulation means it is ideal for use in biologically sensitive areas. It can be used on a variety of subfloors, and is suitable for use where warm water underfloor heating is incorporated.


Sub-Floor Preparation

All subfloors should be protected from moisture from the sub-ground by use of a damp proof membrane ((DPM), please check older properties, which may not have a base DPM and consult us for advice. Assess moisture levels in accordance with BS 8203, to achieve a hygrometer reading of 75% RH or less. Where this is not attained, a surface DPM should be used - the selection of which will be subject to the subfloor type (seek advice from UltraFloor) followed by the application of a suitable smoothing underlayment. For repairs to worn or trafficked areas it is necessary to abrade the surface of the areas to remove contaminants including previous adhesive residues and any weak surface layers. Very dense non-absorbent surfaces should be lightly abraded to remove contaminants and provide a key. A sound strong textured surface is required prior to any application of UltraFloor Patch IT.

NOTE: Where underfloor heating (UFH) systems are incorporated, they must have been fully commissioned and bought up to their maximum temperature, and ideally switched off 48 hours before application. In the absence of other heat sources, the UFH may be set to ‘cutback’ position to achieve an air temperature of 15°C. Any expansion or movement joints must be carried through to the fl oor covering surface.


Curing and Drying

Curing and drying times will be subject to ambient conditions as well as the thickness of product application. Normally UltraFloor Patch IT will begin to harden within 10-15 minutes and will take foot traffic after approximately 30 minutes. Floor coverings maybe applied after as little as 90 minutes for applications up to 3mm thick deep.

All times are based on good site conditions (i.e. air temperature of 20°C, air humidity of 65% and good ventilation). Cold, humid or damp sites, or those with poor airflow, will prolong curing and drying times. Avoid strong drafts and direct sunlight during curing which can ‘force dry’ the product and result in excess tension and cracking.


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