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Intercure 3240SG

Intercure 3240SG

Brand: International Paint

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A two component, low VOC, high solids, fast drying polyaspartic semi-gloss primer/finish coating.

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A two-component, low VOC, high solids, fast-drying polyaspartic semi-gloss primer/finish coating.

Technical Information

Intercure 3240SG provides improved productivity at ambient temperature application whilst combining the anticorrosive performance of epoxy coatings and high aesthetics of UV-durable topcoats in a single coat application. Intercure 3240SG is applied as a single coat direct to correctly prepared substrates using manual mix (single leg) or automatic mix (plural leg) application equipment, reducing application time, energy consumption, and labour costs when compared to two coat applications, or single coat applications which require forced drying at high temperature.

Where To Use

Specifically designed as part of the International 3200 product series for use as a single coat primer/finish coating system to protect construction and mining heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, railcars, transportation vehicles, material handling and lifting equipment, pumps, valves, gear units and other small motors and machinery. Intercure 3240SG is particularly suited for use as a rapid drying system for fast handling times and maximizing production throughput at 20-25ºC without the need for force drying at higher temperatures. This contributes to lower energy consumption in OEM fabrication and painting facilities.

The main features of Intercure 3240SG are:

- Single coat application with fast handling times
- Good adhesion properties over correctly prepared substrates
- Rapid cure at 25ºC to provide energy cost savings
- High solids and low VOC emissions
- Eliminates the need for costly baking ovens or solvent burners



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