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Brand: Mapei

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Available in 10kg bags

Water-based acrylic undercoat and bonding promoter with a smooth finish

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Available in 10kg bags


Malech is used as a primer for wall surfaces in general (e.g. concrete or repairs with cement mortars) before applying a coloured finishing coat from the Elastocolor, Quarzolite and Colorite range, used as regulator of substrate absorption and as adhesion promoter. Malech can also be used in the Aquaflex System cycle for permanent encapsulation of asbestos as a primer for covering layers of Aquaflex. Some application examples · As a primer on well cured new or old renders as long as they are not damaged, before applying a coloured finishing coat of Elastocolor, Quarzolite or Colorite range product. · As a primer over old paint, even if slightly chalky, before applying Elastocolor, Quarzolite or Colorite coloured finishing coat. · As a primer on surfaces that need to be treated in close or poorly ventilated environments because Malech is odourless, before applying a product from Elastocolor, Quarzolite or Colorite ranges.


Malech is a micronized acrylic resin based primer in water dispersion that, once applied on the surface, penetrates better than traditional water based primers. Malech is odourless and solvent free, therefore can be applied in close or poorly ventilated environments. Thanks to Malech’s formulation, it ensures the consolidation of chalk present on surfaces that need to be treated. Thanks to Malech’s deep penetration into the surface, it slows down the formation of efflorescence.


· Do not use Malech on metal surfaces.

· Do not apply Malech on wet surfaces.

· Do not apply Malech at temperatures below +5°C



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