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Mapecrete Stain Protection

Mapecrete Stain Protection

Brand: Mapei

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Available in 25kg packs

Hydro-oil repellent and anti-stain treatment for concrete, natural stone and cementitious surfaces made from modified organic polymers in water solution

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Available in 25kg packs


Mapecrete Stain Protection drastically reduces the absorption of oily substances and watery solutions and is used to create an efficient anti-stain effect on concrete, cementitious substrates and natural stone surfaces in general. Mapecrete Stain Protection penetrates well even into substrates with low porosity. It does not form a film on the treated surface and, as a result, the appearance of the surface remains unchanged. This characteristic means that it may be used in various environments, particularly in commercial areas and for designing and re-qualifying flooring in commercial outlets. Mapecrete Stain Protection is particularly suitable for both porous concrete and polished concrete. It may also be used on cementitious screeds and polished industrial floors, such as “terrazzo” made with both natural or artificial aggregates. Some application examples

· Protecting rough or polished concrete surfaces.

· Protecting concrete industrial floors in shopping centres, discount food stores and goods warehouses, particularly those for storing food.

· Protecting concrete industrial floors in supermarkets.

· Protecting polished industrial floors, including those in “terrazzo” made with natural or artificial aggregates.


Mapecrete Stain Protection is a one-component product in water dispersion made from micro-emulsions specially formulated according to a recipe developed in the MAPEI R&D laboratories to be efficient against problems with stains on floors. Through the polymeric chains which penetrate into the porosity and hook into the substrate, and by collecting at the surface to repel watery and oily substances, Mapecrete Stain Protection is highly efficient on concrete and cementitious substrates against staining generated by liquid substances often used in environments with foodstuffs, such as oil, grease, coffee, soft drinks and water-based substances in general. Mapecrete Stain Protection has good penetration properties, including on substrates with low porosity, without altering their appearance. The special formulation of the product allows an excellent absorption into the treated substrate without forming a film on the surface. Mapecrete Stain Protection has also an efficient anti-dust effect and makes maintenance operations on the floor simpler



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