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Mapefix PE SF

Mapefix PE SF

Brand: Mapei

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Available in 12 x 300ml and 12 x 420ml bottles

Styrene-free, polyester resin chemical fastener for heavy loads

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Available in 12 x 300 and 12 x 420ml bottles

Mapefix PE SF is an adhesive for chemical anchoring metal bars in holes made in building materials. It is a twocomponent, styrene-free product made from a mixture of polyester resins. It has been specifically developed for chemically anchoring steel and zinc-plated steel threaded and deformed bars, which transmit light loads, to solid and perforated substrates such as non-cracked concrete, heavyweight concrete, stone and mixed masonry. It is also an ideal solution for anchoring close to edges or when there is a limited pitch between each anchor, due to no stress being generated as with conventional mechanical expansion fasteners. Mapefix PE SF is recommended for anchoring lightweight elements in internal and external substrates with a horizontal, vertical, inclined or overhead axis, and is particularly recommended for anchors in perforated substrates. It may also be used for anchors in damp substrate, and in substrates at temperatures down to -5°C. Mapefix PE SF is recommended for anchoring elements in place, such as:

· plant equipment;

· sanitary fittings;

· aerials;

· signs;

· window and door fittings.


Mapefix PE SF is a two-component chemical anchoring product, packaged in 300 and 420 ml cartridges with two separate compartments containing component A (resin) and component B (catalyser), at the correct mixing ratio in volume. The two components are mixed together when they are extruded via the static mixer supplied with the cartridge. The mixer is screwed to the end of the cartridge, and no preliminary mixing of the two components is required. If only part of the cartridge is used, the remaining product may be used, even after a number of days by replacing the original static mixer with a clean, new one. Mapefix PE SF does not contain styrene which makes it suitable for use in areas with poor ventilation and, because it has limited shrinkage, it is also suitable for anchors with small circular crests. Mapefix PE SF is a chemical anchor made from a mixture of styrene-free resins, suitable for application on solid and perforated building materials, such as:

· non-cracked concrete;

· lightweight concrete;

· cellular concrete;

· masonry;

· bricks;

· stone.

Mapefix PE SF is applied in holes made with a drill or hammer drill. We recommend using only a drill on perforated substrates. Mapefix PE SF is certified according to ETA European Standards option 7 (anchors in concrete in tension zones) and ETAG 029 (anchors in solid, semi-solid and perforated masonry). The Mapefix PE SF 300 ml size cartridges may be used with conventional silicone extrusion guns for 50 mm diameter cartridges, as long as they are robust enough. The 420 ml cartridges need to be used with a special extrusion gun for 65 mm diameter cartridges.



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