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Mapeflex Blackfill

Mapeflex Blackfill

Brand: Mapei

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Available in 12 x 300ml bottles

Bituminen sealant.

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Mapeflex Blackfill is a one-component, flexible bitumen sealant in solvent suitable for sealing bitumen sheaths, construction features on roofs and flat roofs, to make immediate seals on waterproofing layers and for application on substrates which are damp or not perfectly compact and clean. Ideal also for bonding bitumen tiles on sloping roofs. Some application examples

· Localised seals on old bitumen membranes.

· Overlaps on bitumen membranes.

· Fillets in bitumen membranes.

· Sealing air vents.

· Immediate seals in gaps between construction features on roofs and flat roofs, such as:         · flues;

       · skylights;

       · aerials;

       · guttering.

       · Collars around through pipe-work.

       · Bonding bitumen tiles on roofs and flat roofs.


Mapeflex Blackfill is a one-component sealant made from bitumen and polymers in solvent, characterised by its soft consistency which makes it easy to extrude and shape. Mapeflex Blackfill may be used for filling joints, cracks and gaps of any size as, once hardened, it forms a plastic mass which is easily deformable. The bead of Mapeflex Blackfill may be exposed to rain immediately after application, the product is not prone to leaching and does not dissolve in water. It also bonds to most substrates such as cementitious materials, wood, bricks, metals and many varieties of plastics. Thanks to the high bond and flexibility of the product, the bond is possible also in case of damp or wet substrate at the moment of application. Mapeflex Blackfill does not run or drip even when applied in wide sloping or vertical joints. However, because of its bituminous nature, it may soften and become more sticky on the surface if the surrounding temperature is high. Mapeflex Blackfill is supplied ready-to-use and is available in handy 300 ml cartridges, suitable for use with traditional silicone extrusion guns from the Mapei Gun range.



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