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Mapeflex PB 25

Mapeflex PB 25

Brand: Mapei

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Two-component, thixotropic, modified-polyurethane sealant resistant to hydrocarbons with a low modulus of elasticity, for movements up to 25%.

This product is for professional use only. As of 2023, adequate training is essential before use. Please visit: learn more.

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Technical Information

Mapeflex PB25 is a two-component thixotropic sealant composed of a polyurethane polymer devoid of free isocyanates and a special hardener which contains tar of petroliferous origin, according to a formula developed in the Mapei research laboratories. Mixing Part A with Part B, Mapeflex PB25 becomes a black thixotropic paste, easy to apply even on vertical surfaces with a flat trowel.

Once hardened, which occurs after 24-36 hours by chemical reaction alone and without shrinkage, Mapeflex PB25 becomes flexible, resistant to hydrocarbons and water.

Where To Use:

• Sealing of joints in concrete vertical elements subject to weak chemical attacks.

• Sealing of joints in concrete flooring subject for accidental reasons to contact with hydrocarbons.



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