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Mapeflex PU 20

Mapeflex PU 20

Brand: Mapei

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Self-levelling, two-component polyurethane sealant for flooring joints subject to movements of up to 10%

This product is for professional use only. As of 2023, adequate training is essential before use. Please visit: learn more.

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Technical Information:

Mapeflex PU20 is a two-component, self-levelling sealant formed by a polyurethane polymer without free isocyanates (component A) and a special catalyst (component B), made according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s own research laboratories. When the two components are mixed together, a self levelling, free-flowing paste with a uniform colour is obtained.

Mapeflex PU20 may only be applied on horizontal surfaces. After hardening, which occurs by means of a chemical reaction and without shrinking, Mapeflex PU20 is flexible, resistant to water and heat, has high resistance to abrasion and bonds well to all materials normally used in the building industry.

Mapeflex PU20 also has good resistance to chemicals. However, since the product may be subject to a wide range of chemical products and working conditions, preliminary testing must be carried out. Mapeflex PU20 is resistant to temperatures from –30° to +80°C.

Where To Use:

  • Abrasion-resistant seals in joints in external and internal industrial floors subject to intense traffic.
  • Sealing joints in rubber and PVC floors. Some application examples
  • Sealing expansion joints in concrete floors in car parks and industrial buildings subject to vehicle traffic or where high resistance to chemical agents is required.
  • Sealing movement joints in ceramic floors in areas subject to intense traffic such as supermarkets, industrial environments, pavements, pedestrian crossings, arcades, squares and in areas with forklift trucks movement.
  • Sealing rubber and PVC floors by filling the joints between each single block or sheet.
  • Flexible seals in bases for industrial machinery.
  • Flexible seals around pipe-work, waste pipes, manholes, etc.
  • Flexible seals of joints in hydraulic applications, such as canals, basins, treatment tanks, swimming pools and water tanks.

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