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Mapeflex PU 30

Mapeflex PU 30

Brand: Mapei

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Two-component, epoxy-polyurethane sealant with high chemical and mechanical strength

This product is for professional use only. As of 2023, adequate training is essential before use. Please visit: learn more.

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Technical Information:

Mapeflex PU30 is a two-component thixotropic sealant consisting of devoid isocyanate free polyurethane polymer (component A) and a special hardener (component B). Mixing the two components produces a uniformly coloured thixotropic paste, easily workable with a flat trowel.

Mapeflex PU30 can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. After hardening by chemical reaction alone, which takes place in approximately 24 hours without shrinkage, Mapeflex PU30 becomes elastic, resistant to water and heat, with high mechanical strength and abrasion-resistant properties, and a good adhesion to almost all materials that are commonly used in building.

Mapeflex PU30 cannot undergo work elongation above 10%. It is therefore necessary that the concrete has completed the shrinkage phase before sealing the joints (whether the joints are expansion or distribution joints).

The resistance of Mapeflex PU30 to chemicals is good; however, due to the variety of products and working conditions under which it can be used, it is advisable to carry out preliminary tests in cases of doubt. The temperature resistance of Mapeflex PU30 is between -30°C and +80°C. Mapeflex PU30 complies with Euronorm EN 15651-1 (“Sealants for external and internal façades”) with performance rating F-EXT-INT.



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