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Mapefloor ep19

Mapefloor ep19

Brand: Mapei

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Available as 10kg tubs

Three-component acid and wear-resistant epoxy mortar for floors.

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Available as 10kg tubs


Thick repair layers on concrete surfaces subjected to high abrasion and to form coatings with high wear resistance for concrete floors subjected to heavy traffic. Some application examples

· Repair and levelling of reinforced concrete bearings for crane and bridge crane runways.

· Wear-resistant beds for machinery, beams, etc.

· Rebuilding the corners of expansion joints in industrial flooring damaged by impact from trucks and forklifts, etc.

· Filling holes and levelling off surfaces before the application of resinous systems exposen to sevens chemical and mechanical stresses on industrial floors.

· Protective wear-resistant layers on foundation pads for depuration plants and concrete drain pipes.

· Wear-resistant protection of reinforced concrete elements such as ramps, silo beds, and concrete floors subject to heavy traffic.


Mapefloor EP19 is a three-component mortar manufactured from a formula developed in the MAPEI Research & Development laboratories. Mapefloor EP19 is composed of a fluid epoxy resin, a special hardener, and graded silica sand mineral filler that is ideal for preparing highly compact mortar. Mapefloor EP19 hardens without remarkable shrinkage to form a very strong product with particularly high resistance to wear and good resistance to aggressive chemical agents if saturated with Mapecoat I 24 or Mapefloor I 300 SL. At +23°C Mapefloor EP19 is set for light foot traffic 6 hours after application and ready for vehicle traffic after 12 hours. Final curing occurs after 7 days. Mapefloor EP19 complies with the principles defined in EN 13813 “Screeds and materials for screeds - Material for screeds - Properties and requirements”, which specifies the requirements of materials for screeds used in the construction of internal floors.


· Do not dilute Mapefloor EP19 with solvent.

· Do not apply Mapefloor EP19 on dusty or crumbling substrates.

· Do not apply Mapefloor EP19 on substrates with oil or grease stains or stains in general.

· Only apply Mapefloor EP19 on substrates treated with Primer SN and which have been prepared as specified.

· Do not mix partial quantities of the components to avoid mixing errors; the product may not harden correctly.

· Do not expose the mixed product to sources of heat.

· Coatings made from Mapefloor EP19 may change colour or fade if exposed to sunlight but this has no effect on its performance characteristics.

· The coating may also change colour if it comes into contact with aggressive chemicals. A change in colour, however, does not mean that it has been damaged by the chemical.



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