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Mapefloor Finish 630

Mapefloor Finish 630

Brand: Mapei

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Available as 20.3kg unit (10.15kg x 2)

Two-component, protective acrylic filming agent in water dispersion for concrete, ULTRATOP and ULTRATOP LIVING floors.

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Available as 20.3kg unit (10.15kg x 2)


Mapefloor Finish 630 has been specifically formulated to protect cementitious systems such as Ultratop and Ultratop Living and as an anti-dust and anti-oil treatment for concrete floors. Some application examples

· Transparent finishing coat on self-levelling cementitious floors made using Ultratop or Ultratop Living in industrial and/or civil environments.

· Transparent anti-dust treatment on concrete floors, such as warehouses, store rooms and laboratories subjected to light traffic and occasional spillages of non-aggressive liquids.


Mapefloor Finish 630 is a two-component, transparent acrylic formulate in water dispersion which forms a good chemical and mechanical resistance, on treated surfaces, according to a formula developed in the MAPEI R&D laboratories. Apply Mapefloor Finish 630 with a wax mop, with a roller or by airless spray at a thickness of 60 to 100 micron. When hardened, the product improves the mechanical characteristics of the treated surface, and in particular guarantees reduced water absorption and good chemical resistance. Surfaces treated with Mapefloor Finish 630 have the following performance characteristics:

· good resistance to abrasion;

· improved chemical resistance;

· good resistance to absorption (of water and oil).


· Do not apply more than 100 g/m² of the product per coat. Larger quantities could cause defects in the coating.

· Do not apply Mapefloor Finish 630 on dusty, crumbly or flimsy substrates.

· Do not apply Mapefloor Finish 630 on dirty surfaces or surfaces seeped in oil or greasy substances which could affect the product bonding to the substrate.

· Apply the product within 1 hour from mixing the two components together. If it is not applied within 1 hour, component B will be less efficacy and it will have to be added to component A again.

· Protect Mapefloor Finish 630 from frost.

· Apply Mapefloor Finish 630 at a temperature of at least +10°C, and in all cases at least +3°C above dew-point.



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