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Mapefloor Pore Filler

Mapefloor Pore Filler

Brand: Mapei

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Available as a 12.2 kg package

Two-component, flexible polyurethane resin-based adhesive and pore filler/smoothing compound

This product is for professional use only. As of 2023, adequate training is essential before use. Please visit: to learn more.

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Mapefloor Pore Filler is a two-component, flexible, polyurethane resin-based formulate with 100% solids content and is used for bonding and then filling the pores and smoothing over Mape Comfort matting made from granules of rubber used in the Mapefloor Comfort System AL/X and Mapefloor Comfort System AR/X. For internal use only.


Mapefloor Pore Filler a two-component polyurethane resin-based formulate according to a formula developed in the MAPEI R&D Laboratories. Mapefloor Pore Filler has high bond strength, does not shrink during the hardening phase and its final level of elasticity is compatible with the amount of deformability typical of the floor covering systems Mapefloor Comfort System AR/X and Mapefloor Comfort System AL/X. COLOUR Grey-beige.


· Do not apply Mapefloor Pore Filler on substrates with a film of surface water or on concrete that is damp or not fully cured.

· Do not dilute Mapefloor Pore Filler with solvent or water.

· Do not apply Mapefloor Pore Filler on dusty or crumbling substrates.

· Do not apply Mapefloor Pore Filler on substrates with oil or grease stains or any contaminations.

· Do not apply Mapefloor Pore Filler on substrates that have not been prepared according to specification.

· Do not mix partial quantities of the components to avoid mixing errors; the product may not harden correctly.

· Do not expose the mixed product to sources of heat. · Protect the product from water for at least 24 hours after application.

· The temperature of the substrate must be at least +3°C higher than the dew-point temperature.



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