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Mapefloor Wax Remover

Mapefloor Wax Remover

Brand: Mapei

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De-waxing, multi-action detergent for removing all types of metallic wax including the double-reticulation type

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Technical Information:

Mapefloor Wax Remover is a multi-action, low-foaming wax-removal detergent for deep-down cleaning and removal of all types of metallic wax. It is particularly suitable for removing old films of cross bond metallic wax, such as Mapelux Lucida/ Mapelux Opaca. Its deep-cleansing action attacks all the components in the wax film, and quickly emulsifies residual materials and dirt. The product contains a minimum of 90% of primary bio-degradable surfactant components and complete aerobic biodegradation, which conforms to Reg. (CE) N° 648/2004.

How to use:

For normal metallic waxes, use at a concentration of from 5 to 10% (1/2-1 l in 10 l of water). For cross bond metallic waxes such as Mapelux, use at a concentration of 15% (1.5 l in 10 l of water). Use a white cleaning disk, vacuum the surface and then rinse.

Where To Use:

Mapefloor Wax Remover is used in environments for civil use, such as shops, showrooms, apartments, offices etc., to remove surface films of old metallic wax from floors treated with Mapelux. Mapefloor Wax Remover has been specially developed to remove metallic wax, especially Mapelux Lucida and Mapelux Opaca cross bond metallic waxes. It may also be used for deep-down cleaning and for removing wax from linoleum and/or rubber floors (in the case of old floors with this type of material, test beforehand to check for colour-fastness).

Some application examples:

De-waxing treatment for Mapelux protective films on resin floors made using the Mapefloor System and/or the Ultratop System, including those mixed with Dynastone Color or natural aggregates, in environments for civil use before re-waxing the floor.



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