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Mapei Antipluviol S

Mapei Antipluviol S

Brand: Mapei

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Ultra high-performance, transparent, siloxane resin water-repellent impregnator.

Available in 20kg

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Product Description:

Antipluviol S is a colourless liquid made from silanes and siloxanes in solvent, characterised by its capacity to penetrate deeply into all absorbent mineral-based materials used in the building industry. Applied to a porous surface, Antipluviol S penetrates deeply and reacts with natural humidity to form a water-repellent layer inside pores and capillaries. Without altering appearance, Antipluviol S provides efficient protection against aggressive atmospheric agents that penetrate structures. The Antipluviol S water repellent treatment also improves the self-cleaning effect of facades and reduces the adhesion of moss and weeds. Antipluviol S does not form a skin and, therefore, does not substantially modify permeability to water vapour. Antipluviol S has excellent resistance to the alkalis present in cementitious materials and to UV rays and maintains its water-repellent properties for a very long time

Where To Use:

Colourless protection against rain for exposed concrete structures, cement renders, cellular cement, facebricks, exposed concrete blocks, natural and artificial stone, non-glazed ceramic tiles, etc.



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