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Mapei Mapefinish

Mapei Mapefinish

Brand: Mapei

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Available in 30kg

Mapefinish is a two-component mortar based on high strength cements, selected aggregates, special
additives and synthetic polymers in water dispersion prepared from a specially developed formula.

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Available to buy in 30kg

Two-component cementitious mortar for finishing concrete surfaces.

Mapefinish is used to level small imperfections of poured concrete and to smooth surfaces after repairs.
Mapefinish is suitable for surfaces permanently in contact with drinking water, as long as after its application, it is washed repeatedly with water at 40°C.
Mapefinish is supplied as two pre-measured components which must be mixed without adding water or other ingredients.
The mortar is applied with a trowel to a clean, sound surface which must be thoroughly soaked with water beforehand.



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