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Mapesil AC

Mapesil AC

Brand: Mapei

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Pure, mould-resistant, acetic silicone sealant with BioBlock® technology for movements up to 25%. Available in a box of 12 x 310ml cartridges. · wide colour range· high elasticity· mildew and mould resistant (BioBlock® technology)· solvent-free· long lasting performances· high adhesion read more

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Pure, mould-resistant, acetic silicone sealant with BioBlock® technology for movements up to 25%.

Available in a box of 12 x 310ml cartridges.

· wide colour range
· high elasticity
· mildew and mould resistant (BioBlock® technology)
· solvent-free
· long lasting performances
· high adhesion to substrates
· smooth and matt finish
· high thermal and chemical resistance

Technical Description

Mapesil AC is a one-component, acetic crosslinking, solvent-free silicone sealant, available coloured or transparent. It is a thixotropic paste which is easy to extrude both horizontally and vertically. It crosslinks following exposure to atmospheric humidity at ambient temperatures.

Seals remain unchanged even after many years exposure to climatic extremes, industrial pollution, sudden temperature changes and immersion in water.

Mapesil AC forms an elastic barrier with the following properties;
· excellent durability;
· high elasticity;
· excellent bonding to glass, ceramic and anodised aluminium;
· mildew resistant;
· waterproof and permeable to vapour;
· resistant to chemical agents;
· flexible down to -40°C and resistant to temperatures at +180°C;
· easily workable;
· in compliance with ISO 11600 norm, it is classified as F-25-LM.
· in compliance with EN 15651-1, EN 15651-2, EN 15651-3 and CE-marking
· in compliance with numerous international standards.

Areas of Use

Mapesil AC is an acetic-crosslinking silicone sealant suitable for sealing glass, ceramic, and anodised aluminium. After first having used a bonding enhancer, MAPESIL AC can also be used on concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces, plastic and rubber.

Mapesil AC is used for:
· Sealing expansion joints of ± 25% expansion of the initial size, according to the stanrdard EN 15651.
· Forming a perfectly elastic gasket between different elements in the building, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, automobile, manufacturing, etc.

Some application examples
· Sealing joints in wall and floor coverings of ceramic and cement, provided they are not subject to heavy abrasion.
· Sealing joints between sinks or sanitary ware and ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and showers with colours coordinated with the Mapei coloured grout ranges.
· Sealing expansion joints in swimming pools.
· Assembling compositions of glass tiles and artistic stained glass windows.
· Sealing glazing, door, and window frames portholes, windows, and glass.
· Sealing air ducts, and water pipes.
· Sealing tanks, service pipes, and boilers.
· Sealing of joints subject to high chemical and thermal stress.
· Sealing materials of different thermal exposure coefficients.




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