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Mapesil BM

Mapesil BM

Brand: Mapei

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A neutral silicone sealant for metal-work for movements up to 25%

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Technical Information:

Mapesil BM is a one-component, solvent-free odourless silicone sealant with neutral cross-linking, prepared as a thixotropic paste. It is easily applied both horizontal and vertical surfaces, cross-linking at ambient temperatures to form a flexible product. Seals formed with Mapesil BM remain unchanged even after many years of exposure to climatic extremes, industrial pollution, sudden temperature change and water. It remains flexible at a temperatures from -40°C to +150°C. The resistance of Mapesil BM to chemical agents is generally good; however, due to the numerous products and working conditions to which Mapesil BM can be applied, it is always advisable to make a preliminary test in cases of doubt. Mapesil BM adheres perfectly to most surfaces used in building without needing a primer. In cases of prolonged immersion Primer FD must be applied first. Apply Primer P first on different and compatible plastic materials. If in doubt, refer to our Technical Services Department or make a preliminary test.

Where To Use:

Mapesil BM is a solvent-free, neutral silicone sealant with a low modulus of elasticity, specific for sealing fillet joints between tinwork accessories and layers of waterproofing material. It is particularly recommended for metals normally used on roofs and flat roofs such as steel, zinc and prepainted sheet, anodised and pre-painted aluminium and copper. The chemical characteristics of the product also make it perfectly suitable for absorbent materials such as concrete, cellular concrete, brickwork, varnished and lacquered wood and various compact, non-absorbent materials such as glass, ceramic, clinker, enamelled surfaces, water and solvent-based paint and plastics such as polycarbonate: we recommend always carrying out a preliminary test. Thanks to its broad spectrum of adhesion and low modulus of elasticity, Mapesil BM is also suitable for sealing fillet joints in tinwork accessories such as: ▪ downpipes; ▪ guttering; ▪ flashing; ▪ gables; ▪ metal flat roofs; ▪ corner guards; ▪ special shaped pieces; ▪ heads of rivets and fasteners.



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