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Mapesil LM

Mapesil LM

Brand: Mapei

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Neutral silicone mould-resistant sealant with BioBlock® technology for stone for movements up to 25%.

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Technical Information:

Mapesil LM is a one-component, solvent-free, neutral-cure silicone sealant which does not emit unpleasant odours, available in the form of a thixotropic paste. It is easy to apply on vertical and horizontal surfaces and cures at room temperature through the humidity present in the air to form a flexible sealant. Seals made using Mapesil LM are extremely stable over time, even when exposed to inclement weather, industrial environments, temperature variations or water. The product remains flexible over a temperature range of between -40°C and +150°C. Mapesil LM delays the formation of surface mould. Mapesil LM generally offers good resistance to chemical agents. However, because of the wide range of products and service conditions, if in doubt carry out preliminary tests beforehand. Mapesil LM bonds perfectly to most types of substrate used in the building industry without applying a primer beforehand (glass, ceramic, marble, aluminium, zinc-plated sheet metal, concrete, stainless steel and PVC). Primer FD must be applied beforehand in the case of prolonged immersion in water. If in doubt, please contact the MAPEI Technical Services Department or carry out preliminary tests beforehand. Mapesil LM is particularly suitable for surfaces sensitive to acids on which conventional neutral or acid sealants normally provoke changes in colour or staining of the substrate.

Where To Use:

Mapesil LM is a solvent-free sealant with a low modulus of elasticity specifically formulated for sealing all materials sensitive to acids and plasticising agents, marble, granite, sandstone and quartz due to its chemical nature which deters surface bleeding or the migration of plasticising agents which would otherwise stain the substrate. The chemical characteristics of the product also make it perfectly suitable for particularly delicate materials such as bricks, cellular concrete and varnished or enamelled wood. Mapesil LM generally forms an excellent bond on non-absorbent substrates too, such as glass, ceramic, clinker, enamelled surfaces, water and solvent-based varnish, metals in general and on various types of plastic. It is also suitable for contact with absorbent mineral substrates such as concrete, render and fibre-cement. This product generally forms a good bond on the above substrates even if a primer is not applied beforehand (contact the MAPEI Technical Services Department before). Performs well in treated water typically found in swimming pools. Thanks to the low modulus of elasticity of Mapesil LM, it is suitable for sealing internal and external fillet and expansion joints, including those subject to high levels of movement when in service, between: · pre-fabricated panels; · window/door fittings and wall surrounds; · pipe-work and vertical walls; · similar and/or different types of coating materials. It is also suitable for sealing joints in floors with limited pedestrian traffic.


-Does not stain, ideal for sealing stone
-Mould-resistant (BioBlock® technology)
-Seals remain stable over the years
-Solvent-free, odourless
-Wide range of certification
-Suitable for external facades
-High bond strength
-Wide range of colours



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