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Mapesil Z plus

Mapesil Z plus

Brand: Mapei

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Mould-resistant acetic silicone sealant for sanitary fittings for movements up to 20%.

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Technical Information:

Mapesil Z Plus is an acetic-reticulation silicone sealant with mould-resistant agents. It is supplied in soft, thixotropic paste form and is easy to apply on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Reticulation takes place at room temperature through the humidity present in the air to form a flexible sealant which allows joints to expand and contract by up to 20% of their original size. Mapesil Z Plus offers permanent resistance to inclement weather, industrial environments, thermal shocks, immersion in water and exposure to damp environments. It adheres perfectly to glass, ceramic, enamelled surfaces, aluminium, certain types of plastic and impregnated, coated and varnished wood without the use of primer. Mapesil Z Plus also bonds well to concrete, wood, metal, a wide range of plastics, rubber etc. after they have been treated with Primer FD. MAPEI Technical Services Department is also available for further details.

Where To Use:

Mapesil Z Plus is used to from waterproof seals and joints between construction elements in the building, mechanical, naval, automobile and industrial sectors, including when elements are permanently exposed to damp. After polymerisation has taken place, it forms a perfect, flexible seal which bonds well to glass, ceramic and painted metal surfaces and which is highly resistant to the formation of mould.



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