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Brand: Mapei

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Cold-applied self-adhesive tape for sealing and waterproofing overlapping joints and cracks. Available in various widths (50, 100, 150 and 200 mm) and coloured finishes (aluminium, lead and new copper)

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Mapetape is a cold-applied, self-adhesive bituminous tape used for waterproofing and sealing roofs, flat roofs, sandwich panels, cracks and gaps, joints of pipes and gutters in civil and industrial buildings. Ideal for maintenance work and repairs to roofs and flat roofs. Some application examples · Protecting metal, plastic, fibre-cement, roofs and flat roofs in general. · Sealing window and door fittings, skylights, parapets, construction features and glass and plastic structures. · Repairing tiles, gutters, bituminous membranes, paved surfaces and metal tubes.


Mapetape is a sealing tape comprising polymer based bitumen and laminated to a thin strip of pre-painted metal reinforced with a layer of polyester (aluminium or lead colour) or with a film of natural copper (bright copper colour). The self-adhesive side is protected with a removable film of silicon.


· Mapetape is not suitable for sealing against water under pressure.

· If applied when the temperature of the lower substrate is less than +5°C, warm up Mapetape bituminous tape and/or the substrate with hot air.

· If applied on surfaces with a slope of more than 45°, we recommend checking that the maximum working temperature of Mapetape will not exceed +65°C.

· The bitumen in the tape may discolour plastic or natural stone. · Do not apply Mapetape on substrates with rising damp or bleeding.

· Substrates must be dry when applying Mapetape.

· The copper coloured finish



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